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 Movn Exercise Sit Pedometer  APK Download

Movn Exercise Sit Pedometer APK

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Title: Movn Exercise Sit Pedometer
Author: Moving Analytics
Latest Version: 4.4 and up
Last Update: February 3, 2018

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Movn Exercise Sit Pedometer This information is for the Movn Sit reminder For information about the Movn Cardiac Rehab app, contact us at info[@]
Go beyond counting steps with Movn, the intelligent activity tracker with a simple, friendly interface that requires no extra gadgets. Being healthy doesn't have to be about hitting the gym but about small active choices that add up in your day. Sitting is the new smoking. Use Movn to stop yourself from sitting too long and be healthy!

Movn empowers you to not only meet but break through your activity goals through encouraging nudges that give you guidance and motivation to stay active. Movn sets smart goals that shift the more you complete them and celebrates all your accomplishments.

Movn also lets you create a friend circle where you can share your achievements and motivate each other to be active as well.

Movn is the intelligent activity assistant that empowers and grows with you. So let's go beyond counting steps and let's get Movn!

App features:
● Automatically track your daily movements when phone is on you
● Sit reminders and inactivity sensing. Notifies you to get up when you’ve been sitting too long through a sitting timer
● Sends you encouraging nudges throughout the day to boost your mood
● No external hardware required and so no losing hardware or damaging it in the washing machine.
● Helps you set you set your activity goal and engages you till you achieve it
● Gives you a graphical representation of your historical performance

● Is Movn the same as a pedometer?
Movn goes beyond what a regular pedometer can do by helping you track active minutes and constantly giving you encouragement to stay active.

● Will Movn drain my phone battery?
In our tests, Movn consumed <1% of phone battery levels over 24 hours with typical phone usage. We're working hard to reduce battery consumption. We believe that you should control your battery needs, that's why we provide you an explicit on/off button and let you know when Movn records information through the notification icon.

● Why did you not calculate steps?
We include all forms of movement including steps as active minutes. This includes activities like walking, running, jogging and certain sports. Our goal is to get you moving and not worry about steps.

● Why should I stay active?
Performing moderate intensity exercise like walking, running, cycling and jogging for at least 30 minutes a day can reduce your risk for a variety of conditions like diabetes, coronary heart disease, obesity, hypertension, high blood pressure, depression and some forms of cancer. Going to the gym once a day is not enough, it’s important to stay active throughout your day.

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 Movn Exercise Sit Pedometer APK Cover Movn Exercise Sit Pedometer APK Cover Movn Exercise Sit Pedometer APK Cover Movn Exercise Sit Pedometer APK Cover Movn Exercise Sit Pedometer APK Cover
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